Understanding Vaser Liposuction Techniques

Some fatty cells or deposits are resistant to physical exercise and diet programs. Liposuction has been utilised over the years as a surgical solution to such resistant fatty deposits. Vaser liposuction is a modern technology that removes fat cells and tightens skin surfaces. Vaser liposuction is less invasive compared to the traditional liposuction techniques and utilises less ultrasound energy. The technology is also preferred because it has a short downtime for patients. Vase liposuction is ideal for parts of the body that are not easily accessible such as inner thighs or the back of arms. However, vaser liposuction is still used for all body parts as long as the patient’s medical condition allows.

The Vaser Liposuction Procedure

Vaser liposuction procedures involve inserting a tube into a body part with excess fat cells. A laser beam is then used to remove the excess fat cells. The laser beam is highly focused on the fat cells and hence the surrounding tissues are rarely affected. The flow and infiltration of ultrasound energy is controlled through a foot pedal and the digital display.

The surgeon can increase, decrease or pulse the ultrasound energy flow during the surgery. Solid titanium is introduced to areas with excess fatty cells to emulsify fat while the patient is under tumescent anaesthesia. Gentle suction of excess fat follows using a tiny tube. The tube is specifically designed to ensure minimal effects on nerves, blood vessels and surrounding tissues during the suction. Thus, there is minimal blood loss even when the procedure is carried out on fibrous areas.

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Vaser-LiposuctionPlastic surgeons prefer vaser liposuction to other traditional liposuction techniques because fat suction is faster and safer. Ultrasound energy flows to fast throughout the cannula’s circumference and the device fragments large volumes of fatty cells faster. The device used in this modern procedure allows the surgeon to pulse the rate of flow of ultrasound energy. This reduced the heat produced during the procedure, which in turn reduces skin-burning risks.

Vaser liposuction is recommended for patients with large volumes of fatty deposits. Some plastic surgeons are reluctant to use is in sensitive areas such as the face and neck. Although the procedure is safer and faster than traditional methods, they are careful about the negative effects it may have on nerves, especially for Tummy Tuck Procedures

Side effects of vaser liposuction techniques

Note that although vaser liposuction is considered as the safest liposuction technique, it has some side effects on some patients. Some of these side effects include blood loss, delayed recovery and rippling skin.  Thus, individuals must consult widely with their doctors before going through the procedures.

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